Frankie Cosmos – “Fool” Lyrics Meaning

Frankie Cosmos’ song “Fool” is about a relationship that ended because one person was not ready for commitment.

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Frankie Cosmos is the stage name of Gazelle Amber Valentine, an American singer-songwriter born in 1991. “Fool” is a track from her 2018 album Vessel and was written by Frankie herself.

In “Fool,” Frankie Cosmos sings about a past relationship that ended because she was too headstrong. The lyrics hint at regret, but also defiance in the face of heartbreak.

“Fool” Lyrics Meaning

Frankie Cosmos is an American indie folk band led by singer-songwriter Greta Kline. The group’s music is characterized by its simple, sparse instrumentation and intimate lyrics.

“Fool” is a song off of Frankie Cosmos’ 2019 album Close It Quietly. The song is about the feeling of being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. The lyrics are written from the perspective of someone who is trying to convince themselves that they don’t need the person they’re in love with.

The first verse of the song sets up the scenario: “I’m in love with a fool / I’m in love with somebody who doesn’t love me.” The speaker goes on to say that they know the person they’re in love with is not good for them, but they can’t help it.

In the chorus, the speaker tries to rationalize their situation: “It’s not so bad / Being in love with a fool / ‘Cause I know that I’m one too.” The speaker acknowledges that they are also a fool for being in love with someone who doesn’t love them back, but this doesn’t make them feel any better.

In the second verse, the speaker says that even though they know they shouldn’t be in love with this person, they can’t help it because they are “a sucker for your touch.” The speaker knows that this relationship will never work out, but they can’t seem to let go.

The lyrics of “Fool” capture the feeling of being hopelessly in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way. The speakers attempts to rationalize their situation by saying that they are also a fool, but this does not make them feel any better.


We hope this Frankie Cosmos “Fool” lyrics meaning article has helped you understand the song a little better! “Fool” is a great example of how Frankie’s lyrics can be both personal and relatable, and we think it’s one of her best tracks.

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