Sailor Cosmos: The Guardian of Love and Justice

Sailor Cosmos is the guardian of love and justice, and she’s here to protect us all! Follow her adventures as she uses her powerful magic to defend the innocent and vanquish evil!

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Sailor Cosmos is the sailor senshi transformation of Usagi Tsukino in the future. In this form, she possesses ultimate power, and is responsible for protecting the universe from chaos. She is considered to be the most powerful sailor senshi in existence.

In her civilian form, Sailor Cosmos is known as Usagi Tsukino. She is a young woman with long blond hair and blue eyes. She wears a white dress with a blue trim and a red ribbon in her hair.

As Sailor Cosmos, she wears a white and gold outfit with a red cape. Her boots are white with gold accents, and she wears white gloves with gold cuffs. Her tiara is golden, and she has a red star on her forehead. She carries a staff with a golden star at the end of it.

Early Life

Sailor Cosmos was born as Usagi Tsukino in the 30th century. As a child, she was very close to her parents and loved spending time with them. However, her happy life was shattered when her parents were killed by the forces of evil.Usagi was then taken in by her aunt and uncle, who raised her as their own child.

Despite the tragedy of losing her parents, Usagi grew up to be a strong and determined young woman. When she was just fourteen years old, she met a mysterious man named Mamoru Chiba. The two quickly became friends, and Usagi soon developed feelings for him.

Shortly after meeting Mamoru, Usagi discovered that she had the power to transform into the powerful Guardian of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. With the help of her friends and allies, Sailor Moon fought against the forces of evil and protected the people of Earth.

Throughout her many adventures, Usagi often found herself questioning whether she was truly doing what was best for everyone. However, she always strived to do what she believed was right, even if it meant making sacrifices along the way.

In the end, Usagi proved to be a powerful force for good and an inspiration to all who knew her. She will always be remembered as a courageous hero who fought for love and justice.

Pre-Sailor Guardian

Sailor Cosmos is the future incarnation of Sailor Moon. She is the guardian of love and justice, and she fights for the betterment of all. In the past, she was known as Usagi Tsukino, and she fought alongside her friends, the Sailor Guardians. However, a great tragedy befell her and she was forced to leave them behind.

The Fall of Sailor Cosmos

Sailor Cosmos was once the mightiest sailor guardian in the universe, but she has since fallen from grace. After a great battle with the Chaos God, Sailor Cosmos was gravely injured and lost her memories. She now wanders the universe aimlessly, searching for a purpose.

Post-Sailor Guardian

Sailor Cosmos is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon metaseries. She is the future incarnation of Sailor Moon, and she comes from the 30th century. She is one of the series’ central protagonists. Her real name is Usagi Tsukino, and she shares her name with Sailor Moon’s civilian identity.

Sailor Cosmos appears in the final arc of the manga series, as well as in the fictional Crystal Tokyo of the Sailor Moon musicals. In both continuities, she has come to the past to try to prevent a tragic future from occurring. In both cases, she fails, and is forced to return to her own time.

In the manga series, Sailor Cosmos is first seen as a shadowy figure who appears to Usagi in her dreams. It is later revealed that this was actually Sailor Pluto in disguise, trying to warn Usagi of the coming danger. When Sailor Galaxia invade Crystal Tokyo in search of the Legendary Silver Crystal, Sailor Cosmos appears before Usagi and gives her a glimpse of the future that could have been.

After sailor Galaxia’s defeat, and upon returning to her own time, It is revealed that due to sailor Galaxia’s reign of terror, The planetary system had been reduced to three planets: Earth ,the sun ,and an unspecified third world .It can also be inferred that during this time frame The senshiCosmos (disambiguation)
Are The protectors of justice and love .After peace had been restored ,she eventually became The guardian Of Love And Justice Also known as Neo-Queen Serenity .


In conclusion, Sailor Cosmos is one of the most important Sailor Scouts in the series. She is the guardian of love and justice and is always looking out for the best interests of everyone. She is a great role model for girls and women everywhere, and her selfless nature is an inspiration to all.

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